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Public skating sessions, tailored for all ages are our main attractions at Skate Castle Inc. We even have skates for your 2-4 year old that go right over their shoes.  Skating provides great exercise and an opportunity to get out of the house, off  that couch - plus, it's not like exercising at the gym... skating is fun!  The limbo, (Hokey Pokey and Chicken Dance on school nights) are some of our favorite games.   Mom or Dad we have 4 TV's so you will not miss a Penguin or Steeler Game!  We have over 35 booths for lounging around, if you're not skating!  Adult's are FREE to spectate!  Take full advantage of our FREE internet HOTSPOT, for all your cell phone and laptop online needs!  We have a ticket redemption arcade with great prizes.  We have a designated birthday party area with plenty of seating, complete with a pair of two 32 inch flat Screens for all your birthday needs!  State of the art, 24 camera security system, keeps everyone inside and out safe and sound, as you enjoy our comfortable family friendly environment! So Lace-em up and come meet new friends, or bring one with ya and join the others. Get on the floor and get ready for a wonderful family experience.  Or you could just come in and relax while watching the little Ones! We are still and will always be, the most affordable Family Fun in town and the surrounding are!!!  See ya soon and thank you to our regular skaters for their continued support!  

We are a Skate at Your Own Risk Facility!!!
Thank You and God Bless!

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