• Do you have walkers? (answer) We now have walkers. 2 hour rentals for $3.00
  •  What is the smallest size skates come in?
          (answer)  Skates go down to size 8 and blades size 9. NO HALF SIZES! Also have plastic skates that fit over
                         children's shoes ages 1 thru 4! We do not have or use walkers at this Rink!

  • When is the best time to bring in beginners?
          (answer)  Saturdays from 5pm - 10pm & Sundays 3pm - 6pm.

  • When is the slowest time?
          (answer)  Same as above!

  • What do you have in your snack bar to eat?
          (answer)  Pizza, Nachos, Hot pretzels, Funnel cakes, Hot dogs, 7 different ice cream treats, slush puppies,
                         candy bars, chips, assorted candy and Pepsi products and an assortment of bottled drinks to drink.

  • When do the doors open?
          (answer)  20 minutes before scheduled starting time.

  • What if I'm NOT skating is there a charge?
          (answer)  There is no charge for adults to spectate.  If you decide to skate at a later time you will be charged
                         whatever admission is at that time plus rental.

  • Do you offer skating lessons?
          (answer)  Not a huge demand, so we do not.  We have employees skating that can offer some basic pointers to get                                them started. Skating has a lot to do with coordination, so they have it or they don't.{99/100 get if they                                    aren't a quitter!!}

                         However it takes the average 5 year old 3-5 times to get it down pat.

  • What forms of payment do you take?
          (answer)  We take cash and master card or visa debit cards and credit cards.  NO CHECKS!

  • What's the largest size skate you have?
          (answer)  Skates go up to 15 and NOW blades up to 15 as well!  NO HALF SIZES!

  • Do you sell skates?
          (answer)  Yes, but will most likely have to order, I DO NOT  keep any in stock.  Orders take 3 -5 days to process.

  •  How long have you owned the place?
           (answer)  31 years and counting,  been in my family since 1985.

  •  Do you have a discount for groups?
           (answer)  Yes, for groups of 100 or more skaters!

  • Can I go out on the floor with my shoes on?
          (answer)  No, absolutely not.  You must have skates or blades on to be on main floor and checkered beginners 
                        area.  We have a separate area set aside if you want to work with beginners in your shoes!

  • If I don't have 10 people for a birthday package can I bring in a cake?
           (answer)  No! Cake may only be brought into the building with purchase of a $80.00, 6 person birthday package!

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