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Public skating sessions, tailored for all ages are our main attractions at Skate Castle Inc. We even have skates for your 2-4 year old that go right over their shoes.  Skating provides great exercise and an opportunity to get out of the house, off  that couch - plus, it's not like exercising at the gym... skating is fun!  The limbo, Hokey Pokey and Chicken Dance are some of our favorite games.   Mom or Dad we have 5 TV's so you will not miss a Penguin or Steeler Game and 16 New Booths for even MORE Lounge area!!   Take full advantage of our FREE! Internet Hotspot for all your laptop online needs!  We have a ticket redemption arcade with great prizes and a pro shop for those of you due for a new pair of skates or roller blades.  We have a designated newly remodeled birthday party area with increased seating, complete with a pair of 2 - 32in. Flat Screens for all your birthday needs!  State of the art, 16 camera security system keeps everyone safe and sound as you enjoy our comfortable family friendly environment! So Lace-em up and come meet new friends, or bring one with ya and join the others. Get on the floor and get ready for a great experience.  Or just come in and relax while watching the little Ones! We are still and will always be, the most affordable Family Fun! Around!!!  .  See ya soon!  

            We are a Skate at Your Own Risk Facility!!!
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