GOLD Birthday Package  (drinks, rentals & w/o pizza) 
$85.00 up to 10 (Children or adult) Skaters!
$8.00 per skater after 10! 
PLATINUM  Pizza Package adds drinks, rentals &  with 4x6in. cheese pizza) 
$100.00 up to 10 guests(Children or adult) Skaters!
$9.00 per person after 10! 
Basic package(6 Children or less) (with drinks, rentals & with pizza) 
{Birthday Child counts in 10} Non-Refundable Deposit of ($25.00) required!
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                                                                  Included Items:
  • Admission!
  • Rollerblade or skate rental!
  • Unlimited Beverages for Birthday children!  (2 Choices)
  • Place settings!  (Place mat, plate, cup, napkin and plastic spoons)
  • 2 Hours Reserved Seating for party Kids!  {Plus 20 minutes to enter and exit!}
  • $5.00 Gift Certificate for Birthday Child!
  • May bring Cake, cupcakes, cookie cake, Ice cream cake, Ice Cream and Treat bags into Building! No other food or drinks other than those items listed! 
  • ****(Serving utensils provided!)**** Gluten Free pizza (8 cut/$15.00) ****

TOO HOT!!!No food or beverage may be brought into the building (other than cake, ice cream & treat bags.)  $25.00  non-refundable deposit required no later than 
10 days after reservation has been made. (M/C or Visa , cash or check only for deposit!)  No charge for adult spectators.  Additional pre-cut pizza slices {No whole Pizza option} can be purchased for $1.50 per slice {non birthday price $2.00} for non-skaters!.  You may show up 20 Minutes early and have 20 Minutes to exit the Birthday Area for cleanup for the next Party!!!

When requesting reservation Please provide!!!
(1)Evening phone #!
(2)Birthday child's first and last name!
(3)With or w/o pizza?
(4)Approximate # of skaters invited!
(5)Desired Date and Time slot from below!

To make reservation Click email me and supply info
numbered in red 1-5 from above!

We now conveniently do secure deposits through our Clover Payment System
Info Needed:
Email, First and last name & evening phone #.


 CLOSED! On Saturdays & Sunday for the month of August Only!

After Saturday July 24!!!!
We will resume birthdays September
10th, 11th and 12th!!!

Friday Sept. 10th 1/(7:00-9:00pm) slot!
Saturday Sept. 11th 2/(2:00-4:00pm) & 2/(7:00-9:00pm) slots!
 Sunday Sept. 12th  2/(2:00-4:00pm) slots!
Friday Sept. 17th 1/(7:00-9:00pm) slot!
Saturday Sept. 18th 2/(2:00-4:00pm) & 2/(7:00-9:00pm) slots!
 Sunday Sept. 19th 2/(2:00-4:00pm) slots!
Friday Sept. 24th 1/(7:00-9:00pm) slot!
Saturday Sept. 25th 2/(2:00-4:00pm) & 2/(7:00-9:00pm) slots!
Sunday Sept. 26th 2/(2:00-4:00pm) slots!

 Friday Oct. 1st 1/(7:00-9:00pm) slot!
Saturday Oct. 2nd 2/(2:00-4:00pm) & 2/(7:00-9:00pm) slots!
 Sunday Oct. 3rd 2/(2:00-4:00pm) slots!
Friday Oct. 8th 1/(7:00-9:00pm) slot!
Saturday Oct. 9th 2/(2:00-4:00pm) & 2/(7:00-9:00pm) slots!
 Sunday Oct. 10th 2/(2:00-4:00pm) slots!
Friday Oct. 15th 1/(7:00-9:00pm) slot!
Saturday Oct. 16th 2/(2:00-4:00pm) & 2/(7:00-9:00pm) slots!
 Sunday Oct. 17th 2/(2:00-4:00pm) slots!
Friday Oct. 22nd 1/(7:00-9:00pm) slot!
Saturday Oct. 23rd 2/(2:00-4:00pm) & 2/(7:00-9:00pm) slots!
Sunday Oct. 24th 2/(2:00-4:00pm) slots!
Friday Oct. 29th 1/(7:00-9:00pm) slot!
Saturday Oct. 30th 2/(2:00-4:00pm) & 2/(7:00-9:00pm) slots!
Sunday Oct. 31st 2/(2:00-4:00pm) slots!

We are a Skate at Your Own Risk Facility!!!

No outside Food or Drinks except Cake, Ice cream & Treat Bags with birthday Reservation Only!(Balloons are fine and walls are already decorated with birthday decorations!!!)

Thank You Your Business & God Bless!

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"We're All About Family"

   Now Accepting !!!
   September  & October 2021 Birthdays 
(Fridays, Saturdays & Sunday!) Reservations!!!!!! 
No charge for adult spectators!!!! Not included in Reserved Seating!
Available Days and Times Scroll down!