GOLD Birthday Package (unlimited drinks, rentals & w/o pizza) 
$100.00 including Sales Tax!  up to 10 (Children or adult) Skaters!
$9.00 per skater after 10! 
PLATINUM  Pizza Package (unlimited drinks, rentals & one slice 4x6in. cheese pizza) 
$120.00 including Sales Tax!  up to 10 guests(Children or adult) Skaters!
$10.00 per person after 10! 
Basic (6 Skaters or less) (with unlimited drinks, rentals & one slice pizza) 
$80.00 including Sales Tax!
Birthday Child included in final count towards bill.
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                                                                  Included Items:
  • Admission!
  • Rollerblade or skate rental! (No Change in price if kids have their own)
  • Unlimited Soft Drinks for Birthday children!  (2 Choices)
  • Place settings!  (Place mat, plate, cup, napkin and plastic spoons) Birthday Themed!
  • 2 Hours Reserved Seating for party Kids!  {Plus 20 minutes to enter and exit!} & you can bring  your own themed settings if you prefer.  Balloons and table clothes OK too!
  • $5.00 Gift Certificate for Birthday Child!
  • Permitted to bring in Cake, cupcakes, cookie cake, Ice cream cake, Ice Cream and Treat bags into Building! No other food or drinks other than those items listed! Freezer in birthday Area!
  • ****(Serving utensils provided!)**** Gluten Free pizza (8 cut/$20.00) Tax in.

(No outside food or dinks other than cake, ice cream & treat bags.) You can run a tab in snack bar for additional snacks!  
$25.00  non-refundable deposit required no later than 5 days after reservation has been made. (M/C, Visa or cash only for deposit!)  No charge for adult spectators.  Additional pre-cut pizza slices {No whole Pizza option} can be purchased for $2.00 per slice {non birthday price $2.75} for non-skaters!. 

 You may show up 20 Minutes early and have 20 Minutes to exit the Birthday Area for cleanup for the next Party!!!

When requesting reservation Please provide!!!

(1)Evening phone #!
(2)Birthday child's first and last name!
(3)With or w/o pizza?
(4)Approximate # of skaters invited!
(5)Desired Date and Time slot from below!

To make reservation Click email me and supply info
numbered 1-5 in red right above!
A confirmation email and  an additional email from Clover Payment systems 
to do your  secure$25 deposit will be sent within 48 hours of booking!
NO CHECKS are accepted!

Protective equipment for beginners is suggested and permitted!
Helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and wrist guards, etc.

Required info: Your first and last name, along with info
numbered 1-5 from above.

No outside Food or Drinks except Cake, Ice cream & Treat Bags with birthday Reservation Only!(Balloons are fine and walls are already decorated with birthday decorations!!!)


CLOSED!!! Till SEPTEMBER 2nd!!!!
Not starting email birthday requests
till Weds. August 17th!!!

Friday Sept. 2nd  Two/(7:00-9:00pm) Spots!
Sat. Sept. 3rd Two/(1:00-3:00pm), Two/(4:00-6:00pm) & Two/(7:00-9:00pm) Spots!
Sunday Sept. 4th CLOSED!!! Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Friday Sept. 9th Two/(7:00-9:00pm) Spots!
Sat. Sept. 10th Two/(1:00-3:00pm), Two/(4:00-6:00pm) & Two/(7:00-9:00pm) Spots!
Sunday Sept. 11th Two/(1:00-3:00pm) & Two/(4:00-6:00pm) Spots!

Friday Sept. 16th Two/(7:00-9:00pm) Spots!
Sat. Sept. 17th Two/(1:00-3:00pm), Two/(4:00-6:00pm) & Two/(7:00-9:00pm) Spots!
Sunday Sept. 18th Two/(1:00-3:00pm) & Two/(4:00-6:00pm) Spots!

Friday Sept. 23rd Two/(7:00-9:00pm) Spots!
Sat. Sept. 24th Two/(1:00-3:00pm), Two/(4:00-6:00pm) & Two/(7:00-9:00pm) Spots!
Sunday Sept. 25th Two/(1:00-3:00pm) & Two/(4:00-6:00pm) Spots!

Friday Sept. 30th Two/(7:00-9:00pm) Spots!
Sat. Oct. 1st Two/(1:00-3:00pm), Two/(4:00-6:00pm) & Two/(7:00-9:00pm) Spots!
Sunday Oct. 2nd Two/(1:00-3:00pm) & Two/(4:00-6:00pm) Spots!

No outside food or dinks 
(other than cake, ice cream & treat bags.) $25.00 non-refundable deposit required no later than 
5 days after reservation has been made. (M/C, Visa or cash or only for deposit!) No charge for adult spectators. Additional pre-cut pizza slices {No whole Pizza option} can be purchased for $1.50 per slice {non birthday price $2.25} for non-skaters!. 

You may show up 20 Minutes early and have 20 Minutes to exit the Birthday Area for cleanup for the next Party!!
We are a Skate at Your Own Risk Facility!!!
We cannot and do not carry liability insurance covering injury to skaters!!!
Thank You Your Business & God Bless!

email me
"We're All About Family"

   We will be  Accepting September 2022 Birthday reservations!
Starting  Weds.  August 17th, 2022 {Closed July & August!}
(Friday , Saturday & Sunday) Reservations!!!!!! 
No charge for adult spectators!!!! Not included in Reserved Seating!
Available Days and Times Scroll down!